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Kids’ Zone

Keep the children entertained with lots of exciting and creative activities

Whir! Clang! Bang! Ping

A big welcome to you from all of us here at Kidz Factory, including Zumba, our resident friendly zebra, with a paintbrush for a tail.

Stretching over 4,500 square feet, Kidz Factory is located inside Wanasa Land, Al Wahda Mall, and helps fire up the imagination of children of all age groups, with more than 200 activities to choose from. They can use their imagination and build their own toys right from metal soldiers to flowers. They can create fun accessories, play with colours and textures and customise a wide range of exciting items just the way they like it. Our digital section showcases a world of never-before-seen futuristic art. While for more serious little artists, our fine art offerings – from watercolours to acrylics to fun caricatures – will keep them fascinated.

They say every child is born a genius. Discover a world where your little genius can create art like never before. From candles to oils on canvas – from digital sketches to metal molding – from velvet butterflies to bread craft – Kidz Factory is where your child can ‘manufacture’ products using all sorts of materials, customize their creations and take them home too! A world of art, creativity and edutainment, Kidz Factory is sure to bring out the superstar in your little one.

While regular workshops, classes and art sessions in our Art Studio keep the little ones busy and productive, they can also choose to party in our “Dudes’n’Divas” room – complete with props, costumes and a photo booth. Special events can be organized for occasions, where you can opt for themes, workshops or even a paintball session at our Paintball Plant. Zumba, our friendly zebra will entertain and amuse your children in equal measure with his funny jokes and crazy dance moves, while our wide range of hobbies, activities and art sessions will bring out the best in them.

Trained artists and professionals assist your child throughout their activities. Safety comes first and we’ve gone the extra mile to ensure safe materials and art equipment. At Kidz Factory, we only use non-toxic paint and environmentally safe materials.

What’s the icing on the cake? Your kids will be meaningfully occupied and well looked after, while you grab a slice of your old life, sit back, relax and do what you want for a change. And when you see what they’ve created, you’ll be amazed at the immense potential they have – just waiting to be tapped.

You will find below a list of all the activities will have onsite. There will be 5 different labs that will enables you childrens to have the time of their lives!


  • PhotoBooth Wall & props
  • Coloring Wall
  • Balloon Bending
  • Clown
  • Free Juggling & Interactive Magic show

Science Lab

  • Glow Galaxy Jar  20 
  • Slinky Slime  20
  • Snow Globe  20
  • Liquid Lava Lamp  20 
  • Crazy Ball Spider  20 
  • The Magic Cube Experiment  20 
  • Volcano Eruption  20 

 Art Workshop

Soap Making:

  • Minion  20 
  • Flower 20 
  • Star Wars  20 
  • Lady Bug 20

Candle Making:  

  • Fridge Magnet 10, 2 for 15
  • Flippin’ Foam Crown 15 
  • Funky Foam Glasses  15
  • Set of 3 Candles 15
  • Glass Candle 20
  • Secret Spiral Diary 25
  • Mini Diary   25 
  • Wooden Sword  20
  • Ceramic Money Banks 25
  • Wooden Ferrari Car 30
  • Ceramic Sailing Ship 30
  • Wooden Pen Stand  30
  • Wooden Money Box 30
  • Graffiti T-shirt 45
  • Paper Alphabet 45

Fun Station

  • Fun Face Paint  10 small, 20 big
  • Glitter Tattoo  15 
  • Air Brush Tattoo   15 
  • Sparkly Nail Art  15 
  • Henna  20 

Food Mill

  • Cupcake Decorating 15
  • Edible Candy Bracelet or Necklace  20
  • Monet’s Marshmallow Tree 25
  • Picasso’s Pizza 30
  • Little Chef’s Cookie Decorating 15

Fun Play Area

  • 1/2 hr play fun 20

Caricature Station:

  • A4 caricature AED 35
  • A3 caricature (take orders)

Certain activities are chargeable.

The Kidz Factory is not the only space where childrens can have fun. For all adrenaline junkies, Bounce will make sure to give your kids a pure moment of happiness. This activity is chargeable and starts at AED 25 for 15 minutes of extreme fun!

So bring your child to Kidz Factory and Bounce then take home your little genius because they will be exhausted…

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