Sergio Freitas

Sergio’s culinary career began early on, inspired by his parents and their love & respect for quality & traditions, leading him to take upon culinary arts as his career path. After graduating from HTA School of Culinary Arts, South Africa, Sergio started his culinary journey at the Michelangelo Hotels under the guidance of the celebrity chef, Andrew Atkinson, the Executive Chef of the property. He developed and extended his skills there to all the outlets of the hotel, enabling him to be a part of a new opening team of The Fairway Hotel and Spa. Spotting immense talent in him, he was soon promoted to the position of Sou Chef under Chef Jean – Pierre Siegenthaler, in which he continued pleasing the palates of the hotel’s most exclusive clients.

In 2012, Sergio was given the opportunity to be the Senior Sou Chef at a well-known catering company in South Africa, where he was soon promoted to the position of Executive Chef. Apart from all these achievements, with his hard work and dedication, he also owned 33% of the business at the age of 28. During this period, he launched many International brands in the culinary business, catered for celebrities and participated in events for the president of South Africa on several occasions. He has also been featured on TV shows and Radio programs promoting the love for food.

Outside his catering business, Sergio worked closely with a company called Mess, which provided soup kitchens around the Johannesburg, feeding the homeless. A cause close to his heart; cooking, comfort and care allow him to channel his culinary expertise for the aid of those in needs.

Sergio always wanted to give back to the industry that gave him all that he has dreamt of. Hence, he joined ICCA Dubai as a Chef Instructor to share his knowledge with the future of the culinary industry.

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