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Orfali Bros

Two passions.
One goal.

This is our story – the story of how Orfali Brothers came to be.

We are Wassim and Omar – brothers who have travelled far and wide to inspire and be inspired by the delectable world of food, art, travel and culture. We aspire to enrich the pastry world with creations that are distinctly influenced by our roots and our experiences. Although we have since discovered our own niche in the kitchen, our ever growing appetite for adventure and baking continues to keep us together.

We are 3 brothers that have combined our 2 passions of cooking and baking to fulfill our ultimate goal. The eldest of our group (sometimes a leader, sometimes a dictator) – Mohammad – is a wide-eyed and passionate chef who is always striving for innovation and perfection in everything he does. He provided us with an abundance of direction and more importantly, inspiration.

We are the younger (and maybe more awesome) of the three – Wassim and Omar. Being born into a family of chefs, we were always experimenting with different taste, flavors and textures. We would often fail, but in the end, we always learned. Through continuous learning and even constant bickering, we each developed our own styles.

Food is our life. Sharing it with the world is our mission.


Wassim Orfali                                                       Omar Orfali


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