Marshall Roth

Marshall Allen Röth is in charge of serving up exceptional food moments for the restaurant’s discerning guests.

Bringing more 20 years of culinary proficiency to the table, Röth believes an ideal dining experience is a multi-sensory adventure that engages all the senses, from the aesthetics of the restaurant, to the textures and colours of the dishes and aromas of fresh ingredients.

Known for his warm and amicable personality, Röth finds his passion for food and hospitality extremely fulfilling. “My love of gastronomy has taken me across destinations and regions, opening my mind and heart to the culinary nuances of global cultures,” he says.

A true meat connoisseur, Röth keeps Butcher & Still close to the heart of what makes a classic American steakhouse such a timeless concept.  By sourcing carefully selected meats from a boutique supplier in the United States, Röth shows that quality is key.

However, it takes more than just having a good product on the plate. Chef Röth points to staying true to the concept as a big factor behind Butcher & Still’s growing popularity in the discerning dining culture of Abu Dhabi. “Our guests are knowledgeable, and appreciate the carefully styled menu that accurately represents the 1920s way of cooking, whether that’s our unique style of cooking, or the homemade butter and sauces we create from scratch,” he adds.

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