Edward Clegg

Edward has been a culinary professional for 25 years working with some of the world’s top chefs in the UK and South Africa. Being an advocate of innovation and technology in the culinary industry Edward has specialized in molecular gastronomy, fine dining and he is also actively involved in the avant-garde food movement.

He has always been fascinated with culinary competitions and tries to be a part of it as much as possible. He has won medals for competing in the Culinary Olympics, which is the culinary world cup representing South Africa and also for the Salon Culinaire World Culinary Grand Prix. Edward was also one of the honourable judges for the Master Chef South Africa series.

When it comes to food Edward has a passion that is second to none.  He lives for food and works to attain nothing less than perfection. After years of industry experience, training has now become his career path and has joined ICCA Dubai, passing on a great deal of knowledge gained over the years to the younger generation.

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