Dai Pai Dong


Dong Nie

With a culinary journey ranging over 16 years, Chef Dong specializes in Cantonese, Sichuan and Jiangsu cuisine. Working for 5-star hotels spread across Nanjing, Beijing, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, his mission is to promote authentic Chinese cuisine to a global audience.

His ability to adapt traditional Chinese cuisine to the locals’ taste demonstrates the passion and talent behind all his dishes like the crowd favourite, Peking Duck.

Acknowledged as a Chinese cuisine icon in Abu Dhabi, Chef Dong has been featured in Time Out, Taste of Abu Dhabi and Euronews.

Continuously reinventing dishes, Chef Dong allows his food to do the talking for him and is noted for his creativity and stepping outside the traditional Chinese cuisine boundary.

Chef Dong has mastered the art of understanding his audience and satisfying the public and has rightfully earned his title as the Chinese cuisine icon of Abu Dhabi.

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